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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Barrington Garden Club's Holiday Spirit

Barrington Garden Club began it's holidays with the November 13th program, Floral Designs for the Holidays, presented by Julie Christina. Julie, know for her beautiful, lush, creative floral designs, demonstrated lovely holiday arrangements using her own home grown and foraged plant material.

After Thanksgiving, members met on November 27th for the Annual Greens Workshop and Luncheon, a workshop for making the holiday wreaths for the town public buildings. While some members created the wreaths, other members made and decorated boxwood trees to be delivered to the housebound in our community. After the morning of "work", all enjoyed a potluck lunch extravaganza.

Friday, November 30, was the day to decorate the RI Veterans Home with holiday wreaths and garlands. This is an annual event to bring cheer to the veterans who served so valiantly to keep us safe.

Please enjoy the club's efforts to make the town festive for the holidays!