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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Moon Gardening

On Tuesday, April 9, Barrington Garden Club will present Linda Fleming, a Connecticut master gardener who has spent five decades studying, planting and growing herbs and perennials. "Bloom where you are planted" has been her motto while gardening in her native Oklahoma, then Utah, returning to Oklahoma and moving twice to Connecticut. In her program, "Moon Gardening", she will share how she uses her Cherokee heritage as she gardens by the phases of the moon.

Join us at the Barrington Public Library for her informative program. Refreshments served at 12:00 noon, followed by a brief business meeting and our speaker, Linda Fleming.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Beauty and Environmental Benefits of New England Native Plants

Join us on Tuesday, March 19, when Barrington Garden Club's speaker will be Ramona Silk, BGC's Horticulture Chair. She will highlight some of her favorite New England native plants that can thrive in our gardens. Choosing plants for landscaping that will be reliable, beautiful and environmentally sound choices can be difficult. Ramona will inspire you to opt for native New England trees, shrubs and perennials by highlighting their beauty and function, and explaining how native plant choices benefit local bird, bee, butterfly and other pollinating insects. She will also address some common invasive garden plants and offer native alternatives that will not cause harm to the environment.

Refreshments are served at 12:00 noon followed by a brief business meeting and our inspiring program.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Kiwis" Paradise: a Tour of New Zealand, the Youngest Country in the World

On February 12 at the Barrington Public Library, Barrington Garden Club member, Kate Weymouth, will share her experiences and photographs of her "trip of a lifetime". Kate and her husband joined the American Horticultural Society on a tour of the islands of New Zealand with their rich and diverse landscapes, from subtropical and primeval forests to snow capped mountains and ice-age glaciers. Join Kate for a stunning armchair journey!

Refreshments are served at 12:00 noon followed by a brief business meeting and then our exciting program.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Plant Combinations for a Long Season of Bloom

Come on Tuesday, January 15, at 12:00 noon in Barrington Public Library Auditorium, when Warren Leach of Tranquil Lake Nursery will show how you can enjoy colorful and fragrant flowers in January, long before the vernal equinox, and have blooms to celebrate all of the other need for a heated greenhouse or conservatory. Warren is a passionate plant collector and landscape horticulturalist with a deep knowledge of all garden plants. He is a distinguished and award-winning garden designer who enjoys sharing his horticultural and garden design ideas with others.

Refreshments are served at noon, with a short business meeting and the program to follow at 12:30 pm. Please join us.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Barrington Garden Club's Holiday Spirit

Barrington Garden Club began it's holidays with the November 13th program, Floral Designs for the Holidays, presented by Julie Christina. Julie, know for her beautiful, lush, creative floral designs, demonstrated lovely holiday arrangements using her own home grown and foraged plant material.

After Thanksgiving, members met on November 27th for the Annual Greens Workshop and Luncheon, a workshop for making the holiday wreaths for the town public buildings. While some members created the wreaths, other members made and decorated boxwood trees to be delivered to the housebound in our community. After the morning of "work", all enjoyed a potluck lunch extravaganza.

Friday, November 30, was the day to decorate the RI Veterans Home with holiday wreaths and garlands. This is an annual event to bring cheer to the veterans who served so valiantly to keep us safe.

Please enjoy the club's efforts to make the town festive for the holidays!

Friday, October 5, 2018

The Importance of a Garden, Lessons Learned, and Favorite Flowers

On Tuesday, October 16, at the Barrington Public Library Auditorium, Barrington Garden Club will host Gail Read with her program, "The Importance of a Garden, Lessons Learned, and Favorite Flowers." Horticulturist Gail, currently the Garden and Greenhouse Manager at Blithewold, grew up learning about gardening at her family-owned Princess Hill Nursery. She loves being in a garden and is a fount of information about plants. She believes that everyone needs a garden now, more that ever. During her presentation, Gail will share photographs from many gardens.

Refreshments are served at 12:00 noon followed by a short business meeting and program at 12:30 pm.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Feng Shui for Gardens

On Tuesday, September 18, Barrington Garden Club begins its new program year with Natalia Kaylin, a noted Feng Shui expert, who will teach us to understand the concept of energy flow throughout a plot of land and how to harness and enhance this precious life force. Come ready to be inspired and think of gardening from a new perspective.

Refreshments are served at 12:00 noon with the meeting starting at 12:30 pm at the Barrington Public Library Auditorium.